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As home and commercial cultivation of cannabis expands worldwide, it is more important now than ever to consult experts when undertaking any cannabis-related project. Growing cannabis is not a particularly safe, nor easy task, and should not be taken lightly under any circumstances.

Cannabis Masters is an international guild of master cannabis growers dedicated to helping people solve cannabis-related problems. Whether you need expert support for a small personal homegrow, or need business-related support, Cannabis Masters can help. If you would like a free, confidential assessment/quote, please fill out the following form and describe your cannabis needs.

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We offer homegrowers a wide array of options, from onsite builds to virtual Q & A. We can facilitate turnkey setups, provide trusted expert support, and everything in between.

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We help cannabis-related businesses achieve their full potential with a number of different consulting offerings in the areas of operations, quality control, product development, business development, genomic research, testing, and regulation compliance.

[/dt_iconbox][dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-town-hall” layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Enterprise/Government Consulting” target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-right” scroll_delay=”300″]We provide high-end scientific consulting to enterprise-level companies and government-related organizations. These skills include genetic trait isolation, product formulation, breeding, clinical research, and other advanced scientific techniques unique to the Cannabis Masters guild.


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Cannabis grows require expert care and supervision no matter what the size. Even established grows often need expert advice to get to the next level. We solve cannabis-related problems, and provide the piece of mind to know you are doing the job safely.

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Our level of personal client care is evidenced through our commitment to high level support for projects big and small. Our attention to detail, and personalized approach is what makes our service unique. Our clients are family.

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Client confidentiality is extremely important to us, and is our primary concern. The confidentiality of our masters is equally important to us. Our business is built on being discrete, and we take extraordinary measures to protect the identities of our clients and masters.

[section_header use_decoration=”1″ layout_type=”section-heading-point-bottom” separator_position=”center” main_heading=”Core Services” text_align=”center” font_size=”xlarge” font_style=”default” css=”.vc_custom_1414550266022{margin-top: 30px !important;}”]
[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-macstore” layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Design & Construction” target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-top” scroll_delay=”300″]We have 25 years of experience engineering safe, productive grows of all sizes, indoor and out. Full service on-site setup and maintenance packages are also available.[/dt_iconbox][dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-steam” layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Genetics” target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-bottom” scroll_delay=”300″]Cannabis Masters is able to leverage many years of in-house scientific research to access custom genetics unavailable anywhere else in the world.[/dt_iconbox]
[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-cog-7″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Cycle Maintenance” target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-top” scroll_delay=”300″]Creating an efficient cycle is integral to any project. Cannabis Masters develops custom controls and process automation to achieve optimal yield results with minimal labor.[/dt_iconbox][dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-water” layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Extracts” target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-bottom” scroll_delay=”300″]Extracts are the future of mainstream cannabis adaptation. Being able to implement extract processes safely and efficiently is an essential skill set in our repertoire clients enjoy.[/dt_iconbox]
[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-foursquare-1″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Quality Control/Auditing” target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-top” scroll_delay=”300″]We offer QA/QC and auditing services to improve the processes and overall product. We turn good grows into great grows. This process includes benchmarking and lab analysis.[/dt_iconbox][dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-food” layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Products” target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-bottom” scroll_delay=”300″]We have extensive experience developing cannabis-related consumer products, and can supply expert advice in navigating the many pitfalls of this slippery area of cannabis consumption.[/dt_iconbox]
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Avoid the many pitfalls that come with cannabis cultivation, and utilize the experts necessary to make all the right choices for your project. Whether you are cultivating at home or as part of a larger organization, it is important to have master perspective on your side.

Please fill out the form to receive a free assessment of your situation. We will let you know if we think we can help, and give you an estimate based on your needs.

All information submitted is 100% confidential.

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